White people always have to make everything about themselves. I can acknowledge that I have more privilege than other POC (namely African-Americans and more ethnic looking Latinos) because of my lighter skin and less ethnic features. But you all can NEVER acknowledge anything. Any time a POC is talking about their struggles, someone has to come in w the “but Irish people were discriminated against too!” shit. Jesus Christ. Does it look like I give a shit that your great great grandfather had struggles. No. Actual POC have to go through their lives being POC. You don’t experience the same thing your distant relatives did. When you come out w that line, you’re taking away from the experiences of the actual people who experienced those things. Sit the fuck down.
My grandfather’s family came from Ireland and I have an Irish last name but you don’t see me claiming a double helping of oppression because that would be absurd. It’s hilarious watching white people get flustered though. It’s also actually kind of sick how whites want to convince us they experience oppression also.

Ireland was literally in civil war until the late 1990s. My friend had to have TWO DIFFERENT NAMES whenever she went across the border from Northern Ireland to Ireland or vice versa, because if her name sounded even VAGUELY like it was from “the other side” she would have gotten beat up, detained and arrested, denied service at restaurants, cinemas, and hotels, etc.

I urge you to look up “The Troubles,” and here are a couple of links about it. What the Irish faced in the 1960s were not so different at all from what the blacks faced in America at that point in time. In addition to that, there were large numbers of Irish people who were slaves right alongside the black Africans. But regardless of race, just because it wasn’t necessarily a RACIAL conflict doesn’t mean that they couldn’t sympathize what the blacks were going through in America, because they were going through the EXACT SAME THING in Ireland. Please stop diminishing the suffering of one group to play Oppression Olympics and say “Well the blacks have it worse and no one can sympathize with them ever.” Well tell me the next time someone writes a satire about white Americans eating black children to get white America’s attention about how freaking awful the situation is for black people (Aka, A Modest Proposal and the Irish Potato Famine, which was basically a semi-intentional genocide of the Irish people by the British). Suffering is not limited to black people in America, and white people can still sympathize and empathize with their plight because many of them have been through the SAME THING, because the world is not America.

The two main factions of Irish people still have to go through their lives being on one side or the other of a major political, religious, and ethnic conflict that plagued their country for 40 years and literally only OFFICIALLY stopped in 1998 and still continues to this day. Pointing out that the Irish are also discriminated against internally by other Irish and externally by the rest of Europe does not diminish the suffering that “visible PoC” face because they are two sides of the same coin. You can face racism and religious discrimination and be white. Europe is not America. There are several different ethnic groups that have faced racism over the years, despite being “white.” If you like, I could name some (the Sami, Poles, Slavs, Irish, Ukrainians, and the Armenians-hence the Armenian Genocide, to name a few), as well as the ridiculous amount of religious/political conflicts (as exhibited by Ireland).

So actually, you are taking away from the experiences of actual people who have experienced these things by de-legitimizing the oppression the Irish have faced in history and today, and you are completely ignorant of your ancestral history. The Irish person above is not making it about himself, but is saying that he knows what she is going through because he has gone through the same thing himself. Please stop and acknowledge that America is not the world and white people can face racism, religious oppression, political oppression, and discrimination based on a wide variety of issues and please stop trying to de-legitimize the suffering that the Irish have faced for the sake of the “black people have it worse” rhetoric.

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okay i just saw a ‘marauders dream cast’ thing with andrew garfield as wormtail






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Andrew Garfield as Severus Snape


Andrew Garfield as Lily Evans


Andrew Garfield as The Whomping Willow


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people that don’t know the piano notes must be so confused 

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